RAKSHHA – The Saviour is a NGO which was established in the year 2016 by a group of  like-minded people who were with the desire of building the nation with an objective to empower women at all levels of the society.

Being a woman is a challenge every day, especially for those who are lesser fortunate and hence are prone to atrocities, gender biasing, inequality and had to even compromise with the situation during her life cycle. Therefore we at RAKSHHA are committed towards such woman and help them earn respect and pride by becoming the bread earner for the family.

We had started our journey to bring happiness   in the life of those who have some SET OF SKILLS which can help them earn self-respect, dignity, and a vivid source of lively hood. Further we are of the opinion that an empowered woman will help in building an empowered society which in turns builds an empowered nation.

With team RAKSHA’s effort we also contribute in maintaining a balance between Rural India Verses Urban India, where any imbalance can create a rift which might be difficult to bridge and might lead to Economic crises, Food crises, Ecological crises, Employment crises and Shelter crises etc., In short we are helping to build an empowered nation.

Finally RAKSHHAA promotes usages of Swadeshi products which once again gives momentum to MAKE IN INDIA concept and shall generate demand which shall open new avenues of employment.